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Discover gastronomic excellence at Louvins, where each carefully selected product embodies the very essence of the French art of living. An ode to authentic flavors and culinary passion, Louvins offers an unparalleled experience for enthusiasts of exceptional delights.

A wide selection of tea

Explore our extensive range of green, white, and black teas, as well as our herbal infusions, rooibos, and mates, offering a variety of flavors ranging from gourmet to traditional, to satisfy every palate. Discover our teas and infusions

Coffees from around the world

Discover our coffees with multiple intensities, from our premium blends to specialty coffees, and journey through their diverse origins for a unique experience with every cup. Explore our coffees

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Explore our selection of gifts and gift sets to share with your loved ones and discover our Louvins products.

From unique creations with captivating themes to culinary journeys in every box, each set is a complete escape. Indulge in genuine pleasure with Louvins gift sets, as every product tells a tale of raw delight and a love for good taste. Louvins, where excellence is savored without pretension.

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At Louvins, each product tells a captivating story. Dive into our selections to experience a moment of discovery, where indulgence meets the unexpected. Choose a moment of sharing, where our delights bring loved ones together around a table filled with flavors. Lastly, treat yourself to an invitation to travel, explore French terroirs and beyond, awakening your senses to unique aromas and flavors. Louvins, the fine grocery store that elevates your moments with unique delights and unforgettable memories.

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What are our different coffee grinds ?

Explore the art of coffee grinding at LOUVINS: whole bean for ultimate freshness, espresso for intensity and crema, filter for balanced flavors, and pods for uncompromising convenience. Each grind reflects our passion for quality and diversity, inviting you on a unique taste journey. Join our community to explore the vast world of coffee together.

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How to choose your tea

Discover the art of choosing tea with our comprehensive guide. Explore the different types, delve into the rich and diverse origins of tea, learn to recognize quality, and be guided through the flavors, aromas, health benefits, and preparation secrets. A sensory journey through the world of tea, where each cup becomes a unique experience. Explore, taste, and savor tea like never before.

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How to tasting foie gras

Discover the art of foie gras tasting with our comprehensive guide. Learn to choose between duck and goose foie gras, explore quality criteria, and master the preparation for an exceptional tasting experience. Accompaniments, food-wine pairings, and recipe ideas await you to enhance every bite. Immerse yourself in the world of foie gras and awaken your senses to exceptional gastronomy.

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By joining the Louvins community, enjoy preferential rates, exclusive offers, and simplified management of your bulk orders. Our user-friendly platform provides a seamless and secure shopping experience, ensuring optimal satisfaction with every transaction. Sign up today and immerse yourself in culinary excellence with Louvins.

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